Solar Products

  • 5Kwh Battery

    Delivery Truck  Islandwide Delivery (30 Days)

    For no city power areas, the battery pack can be charged by solar panels and used for night lighting; For the areas that city power is expensive, the battery pack can be charged during the electricity valley value period, and used at the peak power period; For the areas which power off from time to time, the battery pack can be used as UPS, to avoid information loss caused by sudden power outage. The battery pack is applicable to commercial lighting, industrial lighting, home lighting, outdoor lighting, camping tourism, farming, planting, the night market stalls, etc.

    $ 2,670.00$ 3,560.00

    5Kwh Battery

    $ 2,670.00$ 3,560.00
  • 3Kwh Solar-storage-application Integrated System with Inveter

    Delivery Truck  Islandwide Delivery (30 Days)

    The 3kWh solar system can be charged by a solar panel; At daytime, using
    sunlight to achieve clean energy charging while can continuously supply
    power to household appliances; at night, using stored electrical energy to
    power the home to ensure the normal operation of household appliances. By
    storing the power of the solar power system, the 3kWh solar system can realize
    the independence of electricity consumption, without the restriction of the
    power grid, and realize the freedom of electricity consumption in the area
    where there is no electricity and less electricity. The 3kWh solar system also
    can be charged by AC; storing the power from the grid, to be used as reserve
    power or emergency power supply. At night or at the time of power outage, it
    can supply the power to electrical appliances by using the stored energy, to
    avoid the inconvenience caused by a power outage, so that you can calmly deal
    with the situation of power outages.
    The charging mode of the 3kWh solar system is flexible, it starts charging when
    sunrises or the grid supplies power again. Using a 3kWh solar system alone or in
    combination with Blue Carbon products, can save money and reduce carbon

    $ 2,150.00$ 2,870.00
  • 1kWh Solar Power System

    Delivery Truck  Islandwide Delivery (30 Days)

    1kWh solar power system can be charged by solar, to store the electricity, with inverter built-in, can directly supply the power to the electric appliances when power outage. It is one comprehensive storage system integrating generation, storage and usage. Unlike generators, 1kWh solar system need no maintenance, no fuel consumption, and no noise, make your home lights always on, home appliances always run. It is easy to install, simple design, and perfect fit for a variety of architectural styles, apply for family, business, industry, aquaculture, planting, field work, camping tourism, night market, etc.

    1kWh Solar Power System

    $ 750.00$ 900.00

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